Panasonic IP Softphone

Panasonic IP Softphone has been updated with a completely new graphical interface but still provides consistent features and functions to complement the latest Panasonic handsets. Improved menu navigation and button layout make the new Softphone even more intuitive plus with Clipboard Dialing and Conversation Recording as standard the new IP Softphone offers excellent value.



Mobility for Telecom through IP network

  • Installed on notebook, user can connect to office’s PBX system and contact database through IP network anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal software for communication between headquarters, branch offices, remote workers and customers worldwide

Save long distance call tolls

  • Tele-conversation can be made by VoIP with virtually no IDD expense and save operational cost

User-friendly PC interface

  • PC-based business application with full telephone functions as if real office phone
  • Software interface allows user to have the most convenient control over phone call functions

System Requirements
Supported Communication Systems:

  • KX-NCP, KX-TDE, KX-NS Series

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft ® .NET Framework 4.0 or later required.
  • Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

The 6-line display dynamically changes to present vital call information including caller name, number and target destination. Context sensitive soft keys are also presented when available along with live call status, time and date and menu options.

Function Keys
Allows the users to access frequently used functions such as Conference, Call Forwarding, Voice Recording, Messages and Option settings. Unlike a handset, AUTO DIAL on this tub is used to open / hide the System Directory.

Contact Tub
Contact list available when idle:
1. Personal Directory
2. System Directory
3. Extension Directory
4. Incoming Call Log
5. Outgoing Call Log
Up to 5 contacts are displayed at a time. Search each list using scroll buttons. Each list is presented in alphabetical order and will loop back to the beginning in either direction. Please store frequently used dial numbers into flexible buttons on the DSS Key Panel as the text search in directories is not available.

Off-Hook / On-Hook
Answer or end call. Indication changes dynamically.

Volume Control
Control RINGER volume when idle or SPEAKER volume during calls.

Open / Hide DSS Key Panel
Click to switch DSS panel display mode: Hidden (default), Compact or Full Display. Compact mode provides 4 pages – select the active page using the page number icon. Or switch to Full Display mode for all 48 function keys to be active.

Operational Availabilty
The following operations are only available with the Handset display mode.

  • Handset programming using PROG soft key.
  • The Feature Access sub menu under the soft button MENU. With new Softphone mode, store the desired features into flexible buttons on the DSS Key panel.
  • Deleting the entries in Incoming / Outgoing Call Logs.

Enchanced Features Included as Standard
Conversation Recording and Clipboard are now available as standard. No additional license is required.

Media Relay Gateway
IP Softphone now supports Media Relay Gateway with the KX-NS series systems providing home or remote- worker users with easy setup and operation. No additional equipment or activation keys are required.

IP SoftphonePanasonic IP Softphone


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