TeleCARE Voice Mail System

The TeleCARE Voice Mail System is an advanced voice mail system comprising an auto attendant with the multi-level directory and a voice messaging system.

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Covid 19 Support

Covid-19 Support is the aids (temperature and identity check) that we can use to help keep us safe through this pandemic situation.
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PABX Phone System

Creating or upgrading an internal telephone network with traditional telecom lines and IP-based capabilities.

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CCTV Systems

Enhancing building security with CCTV systems at important locations to be monitored by your security team.

Door Access Systems

Securing access for only authorized individuals into certain areas of your organization's premises.

Wifi and Network Solutions

Streamlining and upgrading your organization's wireless and physical network to stay connected with fast access and capacity for growth.

Network Data Cabling

Ensuring all necessary devices within the organization are connected to the organization's network with minimized transmission loss over greater distances.

Call Accounting Solutions

Keeping track of all outgoing/incoming calls of your organization - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And with SMDR Storage Unit, you will not lose any call information.

Call Centre Solutions

Keeping customer experience as first priority, manage your organization's incoming telephone inquiries and requests with ease.

Voice Logger Solutions

Recording your voice communications to keep track of any vocal agreements and monitor your interactions with colleagues, business partners, customers and etc.