What can TeleCARE Voice Mail System offer you?

TeleCARE offers you :

  • a telephonist to receive & transfer calls
  • a scretary to screen calls, take and convey messages
  • a personalised advertising medium for your products and services
  • a voice mail system to facilitate non-real time voice communications

The Pressing Problems You Cannot Ignore

Calls are coming in and transferred hurriedly and carelessly. Sometimes even to the wrong extensions. Callers are put on hold. There is not enough lines. The costs shoots up. Time and money is wasted from returning insignificant calls. Combing through jumbles of message slips. Agonized cause of missed messages. Attempting to decode ambiguous messages.

Poor communication between individuals can lead to losses that are more detrimental than you think. Your company cannot afford to ignore such pressing problems so why put with it when there is a fast, easy, efficient, practical and cost effective solution?

The Solution That Grows With You

The solution to all your communication dilemmas was offered by VMS Technology in one simple package which was created and designed to meet your every business needs without costing a kidney. Businesses of all sizes can afford it! The TeleCARE Voice Mail System is available in two models and offers 54 features for practical use and simple installation. The TeleCARE Advanced Business Voice Mail comes with an additional 6 features which includes Voice Response that caters to your most demanding business requirements.

TeleCARE is unbeatable in the matter of price and performance. Fully field proven and a market leader. As your business grows, TeleCARE grows with you.

TeleCARE Business Voice Mail

54 Features for practical use & easy installation

TeleCARE Advanced Business Voice Mail

60 Comprehensive features including IVR for your most demanding requirement

    Auto Attendant

  1. 1. Multiple operator extensions
  2. 2. Even call distribution to operators
  3. 3. Time of day greedings
  4. 4. Normal, lunch and after office hours greetings
  5. 5. Alternate company greetings
  6. 6. Holiday greetings
  7. 7. Multi-level directory
  8. 8. Dial-by-name
  9. 9. Cut through options prompts
  10. 10. Audio yellow pages/extension directory
  11. 11. Flexible extension numbering
  12. 12. Invalid extension detection
  13. 13. Backup extensions
  14. 14. Multiple languages
  15. 15. Multiple companies support
  16. 16. Voice bulletin/audio text

    Voice Mail

  1. 17. Call screening
  2. 18. "Do Not Disturb"
  3. 19. Voice message recording
  4. 20. Alternate personal greeting
  5. 21. Call forward out/"Follow Me"
  6. 22. Pager messages
  7. 23. Tutorial for new users
  8. 24. Configurable mailbox capacity
  9. 25. Recording of live conversation
  10. 26. 8 types of mailboxed/Class-Of-Service
  11. 27. Mailboxes of shared extensions
  12. 28. One mailbox for multiple extensions
  13. 29. Review of new, saved & deleted messages
  14. 30. Password protection
  15. 31. Time-stamped messages
  16. 32. Urgent of normal messages
  17. 33. "Empty" messages are discarded
  18. 34. Messages rewind, pause & fast forward
  19. 35. Message forwarding with comment
  20. 36. Distribution lists
  21. 37. Reply to sender
  22. 38. Transfer call to sender
  23. 39. Remote message notification
  24. 40. Message(s)waiting indicator
  25. 41. Remote mailbox access
  26. 42. Remote features setting
  27. 43. Instant new message notification

    Integration & Administration

  1. 44.Statistics of call outcomes, peak hour traffic
  2. 45. Auto cadence configuration & PBX driver
  3. 46. Online configuration
  4. 47. Online wizard & help
  5. 48. In-band signal integration support
  6. 49. Out-of-band integration support
  7. 50. Auto house keeping
  8. 51. Online status
  9. 52. Daylight Saving
  10. 53. Remote system administration
  11. 54. Database disk back up

    Integration & Administration
    (Available only in TeleCARE Advance Business)

  1. 55. Flexible AA and call handling features configuration
  2. 56. Unlimited levels of Directory Assistance/Audiotext
  3. 57. Interactive messaging with Q&A mailbox
  4. 58. IVR generator
  5. 59. Personalised call processing at each mailbox
  6. 60. external message notification with different priority levels

How TeleCARE Voice Mail System Works?

Technical Specifications

Pc Requirements

  • IBM or compatible PC
  • DOS 5.0 or higher with 4 MB RAM or
  • Windows NT 4.0 or higher with at least 32 MB RAM

Power Requirements

For TeleCARE Voice Card

  • +5VDC @ 280mA
  • -5vDC @ 10mA

Phoneline Requirements

  • Lime impedance (default)
  • Type of Line
  • Ring Defect
  • Loop Current
  • DTMF Tones
  • DTMF Detect Duration
  • DTMF Detect Level
  • 600 ohm
  • Loop Start
  • 24-90 VRMS
  • 15-80mA
  • (0-9, ,A
  • 40ms (ms)
  • -32dBm to -3dBm to -2dBm

PBX Requirements

  • Analog ports
  • DTMF tones to and from extensions
  • Inband DTMF signals, out-of-band serial or SMDI signals

System Capacity

  • 4 ports per card
  • Configurable up to 32 ports
  • Unlimited mailboxes

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Temperature
  • Operating Humidity
  • 0.60℃
  • 10-90% (non-condensing)

Download TeleCARE Brochure PDF

TeleCARE Brochure.pdf

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