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The HiPath 3000 Real-Time IP System is an IP system that provides full support for circuit-switched trunks and stations with outstanding investment protection. The HiPath 3000 Real-Time IP System provides all HiPath ComScendo features and call processing including advanced remote alarm monitoring, diagnosis, and servicing.

Available in multiple modes, HiPath 3000 may be deployed as the following:

  • A stand alone real-time IP system for small- to medium-sized enterprise sites;
  • A fully survivable media gateway for larger real-time IP systems;
  • A stand alone gateway for interworking with competitive and legacy systems.

HiPath 3000 provides businesses with real-time IP communication without compromise of features or applications. The HiPath 3000 is designed specifically for single or multi-site enterprise sites that require affordable, practical choices for implementing voice and data applications. HiPath 3000 provides the freedom to meet the needs of users and budgets with technology that makes sense for the future.


The maximum number of call destination lists for call forwarding destinations has been increased to adapt to the increased expansion capabilities

– HiPath 3750 and HiPath 3700: 500 call destination lists

– HiPath 3550 and HiPath 3500: 376 call destination lists

– HiPath 3350 and HiPath 3300: 70 call destination lists

  • The maximum number of Team/Top configurations for HiPath 3750 and HiPath 3700 has been increased from 150 to 500
  • Customer-specific display
  • Collect call barring for ISDN trunks
  • SMR-3 and later: B channel allocation
  • SMR-3 and later: Message waiting indication (MWI) at the trunk interface
  • SMR-3 and later: Automatic call completion on no reply (CCNR) on the trunk interface
  • SMR-3 and later: CLIP no screening
  • SMR-3 and later: QSig networking (not for U.S.): System telephone lock-reset code and COS changeover

Siemens HiPath 3000 System Description-t

Siemens HiPath 3000 Service Manual


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